See How Our Team of Experts Take Care Of You

See How Our Team of Experts Take Care Of You

Tooth implants in BOSSIER CITY, LA

You take care of your teeth. You brush them twice a day, you stay away from acidic foods and you floss. Still, not all dental issues can be solved with just good care. Lagniappe Dental takes an interdisciplinary approach to your oral health. When you come to us with a complex dental issue, like a damaged tooth implant, we'll work with a variety of specialists to come up with a solution.

Call 318-747-2666 today to speak with a specialist about your tooth implant. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Rely on our dental team to take care of your teeth

Lagniappe Dental employs all kinds of specialists at our dentist office in Bossier City, LA. You can schedule an appointment with an:

  • Endodontist, to handle your root canal or extraction
  • Orthodontist, to straighten your teeth
  • General dentist, to provide your routine care

To find out what an experienced orthodontist can do for you, reach out to Lagniappe Dental today. We're always happy to answer your questions.